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Ready for a new home... For Dolls Needing TLC

I can provide the following services for your Little Miss Revlon:
  • Cleaning, restringing and hair washing and restyling - $25

  • Treatment of green ear - $25 to $40
    This can take anywhere from a week or two, up to a month or more, depending on how pervasive the stain is. I believe the only safe process to remove green ear from Little Miss Revlon dolls is the repeated application of Twin Pines Remove-Zit, which is not fast-acting, but offers the best, most permanent solution to the problem.

  • Correcting poorly executed or improperly done repainting - $25
  • Replacement of damaged or missing body parts - depends on parts needed

  • I can also provide you with an original IDEAL headless strung body to turn that doll-less head into your own Little Miss Revlon!
    Your doll can be mailed to me, via U.S.P.S. first class mail, and I will complete the requested services and return her to you via U.S.P.S. Priority Mail. The cost of return shipping is included in the above fees.

    I use only the products and techniques outlined in Nicholas Hill's text The Definitive Guide to the Repair and Restoration of Vinyl Dolls.
    Please contact me for further details, or to discuss your needs. I am happy to answer questions and make recommendations!

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