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Ready for a new home... A Few of My Favorite Links

The web is a marvelous resource for doll lovers. Here are some sites that I've found extraordinarily helpful.

Michelle Otey's wonderful insights and instructions for vintage doll restorations

Anything and everything for dolls... a valued source!

Joan's Revlon Doll Site - absolutely the definitive guide to all things Revlon!

And more 'eye-candy' for any Little Miss Revlon fan - Barbara Walker's marvelous collection

Omigosh! This is not a paid testimonial, but it's going to sound like one... Searching on Ebay and Etsy, I found nylon stockings for my small collection of 18" Miss Revlons that are absolutely beautiful, and SO reasonably priced. I can unreservedly recommend that you check this out this seller's website at:

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