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Ice Skates to Fit Little Miss Revlon
So often the skates themselves are missing from the vintage skating outfits that were sold for 10-12 inch fashion dolls of the 1950's. These skates are flat-soled, but will slip over the foot and ankle of a high-heeled doll.

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Vintage-style Coolie Hat
Better than the original! Using a base of lightweight buckram, this hat retains its shape and crispness. (If it should become crushed or flattened, it can be easily revived with a steam iron.) The hat is covered with a textured cotton pique, and trimmed with bias-cut fabric.

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Red Beret
Another hard-to-find wardrobe element for Little Miss Revlon, this 100% cotton beret is just the right touch to complete your chic vintage outfits.

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Silver-toned high heels and handbag
These strappy metallic sandals and handbag are a nice addition to so many of Little Miss Revlon's glamourous ensembles. The elastic straps make these shoes easy to put on, and ensure a tight fit.

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Nurse's Cap
This accessory is nearly impossible to find among vintage collections! This version features red middy braid, and a tiny Red Cross insignia. The perfect touch for your nurse's outfit.

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