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My mother (Patty, on the right) and grandmother (Huldah, on the left), taken probably around 1940 How it all began...

The Attic Couturier is in tribute to my Grandma Huldah, who was a seamstress extraordinaire. She had a keen eye for fashion, and a lifelong desire to dress stylishly - even if it meant making and remaking her garments to do it. She was a lifelong learner, who read voraciously, and took classes in anything she wanted to learn to do well. She mastered the arts of pattern making, dressmaking, tailoring, millinery - and even wallpapering and upholstering! She was a real perfectionist, and paid strict attention to detail; her garments featured such niceties as bound buttonholes, welt pockets, bias-cut piping, fabric-covered buttons, even tatted lace. She was incredibly patient at even the most laborious hand sewing tasks.

The only home she and my grandfather ever built was a Cape Cod-style house, with the area under the eaves finished into an attic bedroom. This is where we'd sleep when we came to visit. One wall was lined with closets, in which hung fabulous dresses my grandmother had made for my mother's college formals, and for evenings at the dance parties that she and my grandfather went to. One closet contained shelves that held numerous pairs of high-heeled dancing shoes in silver and gold kid, and colored satins, and even a rhinestone-encrusted pair of transparent strapped slingbacks, which we pretended were Cinderella's glass slippers. There were deep drawers under the eaves, that held gloves, scarves, hankies, and lingerie. No one scolded us for playing 'dress-up' with all these treasures. That attic was a truly magical place... I hope you will find this one to be a nice place to play, too.

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