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My favorite model...she always holds still for me! Welcome to my attic...
It seems to me that I have always loved dolls. My most beloved dolls are those from my earliest memory: my Little Miss Revlon, who came with a shoebox of outfits created by my grandmother, and my 'bride doll' - a 14" American Character Sweet Sue Sophisticate - whose clothes and accessories I found enchanting. Sadly, neither of these dolls survived the years.

When the emergence of Ebay made it possible to replace our long-lost childhood toys, it was these glamorous ladies that I sought out. I learned that Little Miss Revlon (and her look-alikes) were immensely popular in the fifties, and that they are not hard to come by. Hopefully, you've had similar success in recovering your favorite dolls.

But I soon discovered that vintage doll collectors face a real challenge in building a wardrobe for their dolls. Vintage items are hard to find, in poor condition, and very expensive, to boot! For me, the solution was obvious. For almost as long as I have loved dolls, I have loved sewing for them. So I set to work designing patterns and collecting appropriate fabrics and trims to create wardrobes and accessories worthy of the cherished dolls of this era.

I hope you will spend some time visiting here, and will decide to allow me to sew for YOUR treasured dolls!

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